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Chubb Regata is Sailor for the Sea Silver level

US Sailing's Chubb Junior Championships, a prestigious national regatta to be hosted by North Cape Yacht Club the week of August 6th, is registered as a "Silver Level Clean Regatta" by Sailors for the Sea.

Under the direction of NCYC member Jennifer Logan, regatta sailors, race officials, organizational team members, and club members will be charged with meeting the goals identified and established by our dedicated Green Team.  Our grounds committee has been busy cleaning and grooming the beach in anticipation of the event. Our transportation committee has developed a carpool to transport the competitors in large groups to and from Detroit Metro Airport.  The competitors and several of the support personnel are being housed within walking distance of the event.  

All participants will be required to use reusable water bottles.  The local water supply will be enhanced with a portable filtration system to provide safe drinking water out on the race courses at Safety Boat refill stations.  Water bottles have been generously donated by Gill. 

An active recycling program has been initiated to decrease the amount of trash entering the landfill.  All waste receptacles will be labeled as RECYCLE or LANDFILL, with waste placed in the appropriate containers. No disposable dinnerware will be used at the event.  All on-shore meals will be served with reusable plates, utensils, and cups.  Any straws used will be paper.

Outsider boats will be restricted from the race courses.  Only boats designated as Support Boats or Spectator Boats by our Race Committee will be allowed on or near the courses.  This creates a more fuel-efficient regatta.

For additional information about Safety for the Sea, visit their website at

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